Why Are Beats Headphones So Hyped?

I’m confident you all asking yourselves the same. Do the beat headphones keep up with the hype they get from radio hosts, musicians, athletes as well as casual fans? Beats headphones are not the most preferred in the industry, but they still charge $300 per pair. Despite their cost, they are trendy. Why? Read these for a detailed answer.

Beats was the first audiophile company that seriously took packaging and branding seriously. As we all know, Beats was started by Dr. Dre – a legendary producer for hip-hop who is conversant with the best studio sounds. The headphones that have been designed by him must, therefore, have something unique…. right?

Many people have widely derided beats for putting much emphasis on the bass and giving the public what is commonly referred to as cheap thrills. It is looked upon with both suspicion and disdain. The Dr, Dre’s brand, and style have created a premium headphone for the market consumers. If you wish to know why the regular buyers spend the high dollars on the beats, it’s because the society finds a correlation between the price and quality.

It has been noted by MKBHD that Beats performs an outstanding work to get celebrities to endorse their headphones. This adds prestige to the product and makes the buyers to shell out more cash to have it. The brand does not have many technical issues.

The beats are favorite due to the following reasons;

  • Better sound quality with the best headphones
  • They are loud and do not hurt the ear buds
  • They come in numerous styles and colors
  • Comfortable
  • They have secure storage since they are not big as other brands

All in all, beats headphone are not necessarily the best just because they are ridiculously overpriced. In fact, other audio headphones deliver the same quality beats, andtheir cost is $100 less. In a way, the beats headphones are not worth due to:

  • Good listening experience but not remarkable

Whitson Gordon states that beats headphones were initially good until other brands emerged. According to him, the product has a low bass quality that sounds boomy and loud. The mid-side and trebles sound as if they are originating from a well…. according to him. However, the Time magazine that the beat headphones are decent but the price does not match the quality.

  • Too much overhype marketing

Since the beats headphones have used high profile people like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga in their marketing, it’s possible that the high cost is meant to cover the cost. Critics slam the company for concentrating too much n the customer-focused language other than the technical quality.

  • Beats are quite costly. Are they worth the price?

The headphones are worth the price. The brand has many sizes so you can purchase the smaller ones if you are not interested in, the more significant ones. Most people have suggested that beats does not have a good sound system but also sound great. If you handle them with care, beats are durable and can stay for along time. If you don’t need the headphones, you can purchase the in-ear beats headphones. There are still plenty of headphones, even under $100 that sound way better than any of the beats headphones, see these examples from AnyHeadphones.com.